The LUCK6V,incredibly popular with musicians,was the first product to be released.

We compromised on nothing to create the ultimate professional amplifier.

The LUCK6V carries the guitarist’s riffs from the main speakers to the audience. It can handle a clear and crisp sound as well as distortion. Each part is painstakingly selected and the lead wire is soldered after being washed in order to prevent defective soldering. The pre amp is situated on a solo channel and once the boost switch is switched on, it passes through the vacuum tube amplifier circuit and can be used for overdrive. As low frequencies differ for single coil pickups and humbucker pickups, we have incorporated a tone select switch to choose the frequency of the lower register. This amp is ideal for matching lower register response when guitarists switch between a single coil pickup guitar and a humbucker pickup guitar.

The digital bias meter deployment

Unique Bias adjustment function allows anyone to easily adjust the deviation.Due to the limited lifespan of each power tube,replacement from time to time will be required.The spare matched tubes provided will allow a quick DIY replacement within a few minutes without relying on repair shops, which makes the bias adjustment possible.

A JENSEN and CELESTION combo. The Al-Ni-Co magnet JENSEN speaker and ceramic magnet CELESTION speaker area are a match made in heaven for the LUCK6V HEAD.

Pine wood cabinet, dovetail joint.

JV ELECTRONIC (former TESLA) power tube equipped with 6V6S as the vacuum tube. JJ 6V6S has a maximum plate voltage of 500V which is higher than the conventional 6V6 standard,ideal for clean high end, thick low end and full mid tone, very powerful power tube that can be used with 6L6 amp. Aging processed spare matched tubes provided.

With excellent response to deep bass,CELESTION CLASSIC LEAD 80 is the indispensable speaker to LUCK6V.


Preamplifier tube equipped with JJ ECC 83S. Low microphonic noise, featuring clear sound with good balance from low end to high end.




Output Power40W
SpeakersCelestion Classic Lead, 1 × 12″ 16Ω,80W
Output Tubes4 × 6V6
Preamp Tubes3 × ECC83
Rectifier2 × GZ34
Preamp Channels1 Channel
Front Panel ControlsVolume, Tone Select Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Boost Switch
Back Panel ControlsAdjust bias, Digital bias meter, Tube select
FootswitchBoost on/off
CabinetDovetail jointed, Pine cabinet
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)/mm590×291×518
Color Black
Output Power 40W
Output Tubes 4 × 6V6
Preamp Tubes 3 × ECC83
Rectifier 2 × GZ34
Preamp Channels 1 Channel
Front Panel Controls Volume, Tone Select Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Boost Switch
Back Panel Controls Adjust bias, Digital bias meter, Tube select, Impedance select 4ohms 16ohms
Footswitch Boost on/off
Cabinet Dovetail jointed, Pine cabinet
Weight 20kg
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)/mm 590×277×277
Color Black
Output Power
Speakers Celestion Classic Lead, 1×12″ 8Ω, Jensen BlackBird, 1×12″ 8Ω, 180W
Output Tubes
Preamp Tubes
Preamp Channels
Front Panel Controls
Back Panel Controls 4ΩInput, 16ΩInput
Cabinet Dovetail jointed, Pine cabinet
Weight 20kg
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)/mm 696×274×523
Color Black



525,000¥ TAX OUT

Luck6V Head


480,000¥ TAX OUT

Luck6V 212 Speaker


280,000¥ TAX OUT