The collaboration series between Shinohara (representative director of SHINOS, master builder) and

Lee (current Lee Custom Amplifier representative , former VOX chief engineer).

Left : SHINOS AMPLIFIER COMPANY Representative Director・Masaru Shinohara

Right : Lee Custom Amplifier Representative Director・Masahiro Lee

SHINOS has been creating point-to-point hand-wired tube amplifier since our establishment in 2006.


This time, we have achieved a even more compact and precision motherboard design

through the collaboration with Lee Custom Amplifier,

and a new series of multifunctional tube amplifier for guitars has been launched.

A new SHINOS & L collaboration which has been expected by the guitarists has started.

For compact tube guitar amplifier,this series is a beautiful combination of the best sound and the best functions .It incorporates the SHINOS sound created from the experience that Shinohara has developed in the live scenes of sound along with his continuous studies and researches as an amplifier builder,and the precious experience of Lee from his career and his life as a professional :the plural improvement points regarding the know-how of design as well as the VOX circuit .

Regarding the manufacture of the cabinet,in order to maintain the powerful low range while pursuing a compact and light product ,we pay close attention to the specification of the opening on the back panel design which strongly affects the low end. After trying various designs of panels: close back, bass reflex, open back ect .,we have realized a precision design which is appropriate to ideal sound.

Strong Support to Guitarists for Various Environments

Powered with “ 30W・3W・0.3W・MUTE ”4 -type output alternator,it can be used at home ,in live concerts or in rehearsal studios,saving you the trouble of worrying about the choice of venues . Headphone terminal equipped with a cabinet simulator allows you to enjoy authentic sound by connecting headphones even in the environments where amplifiers can not be used at all.

Personalized Choices of Power Tubes

Two types of Power tubes :EL34 and 6L6GC. El34 has a nuance similar to Marshall rather than British sound, while 6L6GC sounds closer to fender tones than American sound. You are free to choose according to your taste of sound.

Authentic Sound Plus Handy Functions

A send-return terminal well matches the level and impedance of Pedal effector.Space types of effector can be connected in between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier.Spring reverb which creates natural reverb sound of warmth,and the VOX type of tremolo circuit are equipped within.




Output Power 30W/3W/0.3W/Mute
Speakers Eminence Red White and Blues,1×12″ 8Ω,120W
Output Tubes  2 × EL34 or 2 × 6L6GC
Preamp Tubes 3 × ECC83
Rectifier Solid State
Preamp Channels 1 Channel
Front Panel Controls Gain,Treble,Bass,Reverb,Master Volume
Back Panel Controls Send, Return,Impedance select 4ohms 8ohms,Tremolo:Speed,Depth
Footswitch Reverb on/off,Tremolo on/off
Reverb IC drive, 3-Spring pan
Effects Loop  
Cabinet Dovetail jointed, Pine cabinet
Weight 14kg
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)/mm 370×235×465
Color Ivory, Black, White, Red, Navy,Green



254000¥ TAX OUT